Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Night at Pop Goes The World - Kpop Glow Rave Party at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

Last month my brain was running completly on Beyonce's latest album. When my friend Gerald asked what the theme for next month's k-pop party should be, I immediately obsessed over the idea of a roller blading glow party. Basically the one in Beyonce's blow video. Considering the world isn't exactly loaded with roller rinks, the glow rave still seemed like a great idea! G downloaded a bunch of great edm kpop mixes and everyone was pumped to break out some crazy outfits.

I wasn't planning on showing up to the party until super late but ended up earlier then I was expecting. I also didn't plan an outfit because I expected to be dressed for another event. I don't exactly know why I was so in the easter spirit but I had lace bunny ears on the floor from spring cleaning and decided I was going with it. I think I just wanted to rebel against the pressure I feel to dress a certain way and how scared I've become to just be myself and as "out there" as I used to be. I deffinatly struggle with the fine line between maturity and self expression. The theme of a rave just seemed so anything goes as well. I eventually decided that this is my party home and I'm always surrounded by friends. Most of the people there are aware of how crazy I am and are used to wearing whatever they want. So, I picked up my new pair of Wildfox shorts and theory Sportsbra, threw a kimono top over it and tied a cellphone charm to my shorts for a tail. It's my party and I'll be a Easter Bunny if I want to.
Easter Rave Bunny! I wasn't that out of place. Nico was also feeling fluffy.

It's been awhile since I've not worried about a performance or some other responsibility at the party. I honestly love performing more then anything but a change once and awhile is nice too. I felt a little strange going all alone but I knew all my friends would be there. It's been along time since I've had a chance to properly spend time with all the people I know that go. Quite a few regulars of our pop family were missing sadly. A bunch of people I hadn't seen forever showed up. I've had a bunch of strange occurrences with that all week and this pretty much confirmed my thoughts that your past never actually goes away. It just goes into hiding and slaps you all at once.

Angel ran up to me an hour after I arrived and asked if I had gotten painted yet. Since we had a glow theme,  we had someone painting k-pop logos on us. I ran up to him and decided I wanted the big bang and YG entertainment logos on my stomach. Angel didn't inform me the talented painter was a friend she introduced me to on Facebook. When he informed me he was the guy who painted this amazing photo of me I felt pretty stupid! It was awesome meeting him in real life! Of course right as he started painting my favourite song to dance to "Mtdb" by Cl came on. I somehow made it through with only a ten second dance break but dirty vibe came on right after! So sad I didn't get to dance my butt off with angel to that.

If you haven't listened to CL's solo track from the latest 2NE1 album, I'm here to change that.

You can see the Big Bang Tattoo on my stomache. I also got YG Entertainment on the other side.
Getting ready for next months Selfie themed party with the beautiful Angel!    

G was super on his DJ game. One of the highlights of the night was how he mixed Exo's wolf into his set. I'm pretty sure all the paparazzi photos on Facebook of myself looking stupid were to that.
Super fun night!  

Pop Goes the World Crew
We are tools.
Super derpy photo of Brian Seo and myself

Glow lights!
The vibe was a little different then usual with so many people out of town for Easter. It was a nice change that has me super pumped for the epic party's coming up! Make sure you come out to our first party in Ottawa May 18th  and our next party in May at Hard Rock in Toronto!


Angel GZ said...

Still can't get over that adorable picture of us- Love you! <3 Hwaiting PGTW~

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