Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mass Exodus 2014 - The Ryerson University Graduate Fashion Show

Mass exodus 2014
This extended winter has really gotten to me. Nothing makes you want to leave your house less then the thought of frostbite on your legs. I can't stay in forever though, and after being sick for a week I decided to finally leave my house for a few hours. Mass Exodus is a huge fashion show that showcases the final collections of Ryerson Grad's. Don't let the fact it's a school event fool you, this event is a must attend for the Toronto fashion industry. It's amazing how much effort is put into this show. The video's played between shows were stunning and so well shot. I attended the night show, which was a narrowed down- best of showcase. I think I saw about 18 designers, each showcasing about 5 looks. One designer absolutely stole my heart, I'll get to that later in this post. We were encouraged to tweet and instagram our favourite looks. If your interested in seeing better photos I'm sure instagram has better photo's then the ones taken from my life near the DJ booth. 

I was super stoked to finally wear my new Clover Canyon dress out. I've been obsessed with the brand since I tried a crop top on last May in Holt Renfrew. Since then I've seen everyone wearing it. Even one of my favourite K-pop groups Sistar went to the MAMA 2013 awards fully decked out in it. I'm clearly not the only one obsessed. 
I was lucky enough to have my amazing friend Brandon Keir help me trek the two blocks from my house to the venue. Life isn't easy in heels. I was practically frozen by the time we got there and cursing the fact it was to close to cab. Summer. Where are you?
We made it just on time for the show. The collections were all so different. 
Some designers choose to do men's wear. I am obsessed with anything black and white and would totally wear this. 

Alannah Lindberg was a designer to keep on your raider for sure. Her collection of black dresses was stunning. The way the dresses flowed was perfect.
Another favourite of mine was Inna.
The bright standout swimsuits were something I would totally try on. I need more options then the cool one pieces offered by Agent Provocateur. 

My jaw hit the ground when Forsaken by Ryan Amore came on the runway. A collection of gladiator weapons, capes, armour and AMAZING designs on top of that? I lost it when the perfect Khaleesi style gown came out. I knew it was true love when his last look involved a gold corset- dress complete with a thor hammer. This guy took everything I love about designers The Blondes and added my love for geekery in it. I'm obsessed.

The two looks I absolutely NEED!

I happened to know a few models in the show as well. Hi Sebastian! 

The designers did a walk at the end.

I'm sad I didn't get more of a chance to check things out but the other side of the arena had a cool exhibit going on. 
This student had amazing print work that rivalled McQueen. I would gladly rock this stuff.

My favourite exhibit was by a graphic artist. They decided to document the history of Rhythmic Gymnastic Costumes. SO COOL. I don't understand how more people don't find them as beautiful as I do! This made me feel less alone in my appreciation, however. The booth had a timeline which I took photos of and a poster. The timeline included cool facts, like when sequins were added into costumes and when skirts became useable. I hope this designer publishes a book or something with this because I would totally love to own it.

Kastor Pollox was a stunning booth that had such a gorgeous video playing. The colors of the booth were so well thought out.

It even had a cute pink phone my friends insisted on taking a stupid photo of me on!

My friend Jason was DJing the after party. He's one of the best house DJ's I know. He always brings a crazy amazing setup with him that he somehow manages to fit into a high tech backpack. I refuse to believe the thing is that well designed and will stick to my theory that he is infact Dora the Explorer. If Dora was a character on South Park because that about sums him up.

Jason wasn't exactly impressed when my friend Hyun decided to take some DJ selfie pics for her friends in Korea. I wish I could have captured the beauty of his "are you kidding" me face.

With this never ending Winter, Bikini season is something I have given up on. My body has accepted it's quite frankly, never coming. Combined with free, AMAZING cake, the care's I once gave have decided to go on a permanent vacation.
This was round one of Keely's Cake's 
Couldn't even stop eating to take a picture with my friends.
A pic with Hyun taken right before I found the cake.

It was a great night with some amazing friends, music and fashion! What more could I ask for?


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love ur dress. love the party!


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