Saturday, April 26, 2014

Iggy Azalea at the Danforth Music Hall

Iggy Azalea is one of the artists that has had a massive impact on me in the last few years. We have a lot in common! We share a love of rapping, trap beats, clueless and both have big bums. I'm super excited to see her blowing up. I've been following her for quite a while and she defiantly deserves it. I look up to her so much for being so unafraid to be who she wants to be. 
Last night she performed at the Danforth Music Hall. It's so inspiring to see someone sell out a show with little promotion. The crowd alone deserves it's own post. I'll talk more about that later.

Click Clack Bang Bang We in the Murda Business.

Iggy's set
Iggy had a pretty cool set for a smaller tour. I just wish she had more of a platform. In venues like this trying to see the stage can be a nightmare. Even the taller people had a half blocked view of camera phones. No one wanted the balcony seats but they probably enjoyed the concert way more.  I apologize for my pics. I tried my best.

For "Change Your Life" Iggy had cool L.E.D fans. Loved how they changed up the typical feathers!

Iggy changed halfway through and poles were brought out for the dancers. They had some HORRIBLE outfits and really high school level dance routines. I don't get why they half assed that so much. 

I want this Jersey.

She was as amazing live as she is on her tracks. I don't think anyone would expect her to be anything less the fierce though.

Action shot from my Instagram. I also have a ton of clips from the concert on it.

This is from when she first came out. I LOVED her skort thing.  It fit her super awesome.

I can't believe how amazing her butt is. Honestly, her body is killer. No one in the world has ever made my jaw drop like her's has. Squats aside, the thing amazing about her is she has real curves.

The crowd though. Oh my god.  It was like a prom where girls bring their best gay friend. Myself included.  I was with Brandon Keir so I was lucky enough to have the best date. 

Our selfie game was not strong.
This would have been a wonderful vibe. Somehow, mixed with large amounts of 30- something woman determined to be fiercely rachet, the crowd has this dangerous electricity and all hell broke loose once Iggy started. Iggy is about being a bad bitch, who doesn't let people stop her. Why this is translating to such a large group of people as an excuse to be a rude bitch is frustrating.
Seriously though, I can't emphasis how crazy it got. I've never seen so many fights. It was like a war zone when the music came on. Random fights would break out and escalate to guys elbowing girls in the face within 30 seconds. I've been near some pretty crazy mosh-pitts and never seen anything like this. It was all so personal. I felt bad for Iggy, even she commented on the amount of fighting. If you can't get over yourself enough to listen to music at a concert don't go.

Iggy's set was pretty short but it was awesome.  Probably around 45 minuets in total. The concert felt shorter because it didn't have an opening act. The crowd kinda kept me from enjoying it like I wanted to though.
She closed with "Work" which has been my theme song for the past few months. This song has always kept me going and reminds me how hard everything I want is going to be. I'm super grateful to her for giving me such a great reminder of that though. I had chills seeing her in front of me singing it. With all that's been going on in the last two weeks, this felt like a sign my hard work is going to get me to where I want to be. I just have to keep going!


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