Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pop Goes The World.. Toronto's Kpop/Jpop Night!

Since going to LA, I've been terribly frustrated with Toronto.

I love my city, I never thought I would feel any other way. I ended my trip in a way where I totally needed more time. It's kinda the worst feeling being back here knowing you NEED to be somewhere to try and make your life happen.

I haven't had much going on here. Searching for a job has been a nightmare and I've barley seen my friends.

Thankfully one night has kept me alive. I honestly don't know what I would do if there wasn't any POP GOES THE WORLD parties.

Basically, its a night of Kpop/Jpop videos. Thanks to the amazingness of these events I will never even attempt to go anywhere else. I could go on forever about why this is the best party in Toronto but here are my main reasons...

1. Dancing. Korean pop music is all about dancing. It's super hard to throw an event at a place like The Annex Wreck Room and get people on the floor. We come ready to for this event. Even when the lights come on, they have to physically shove us out.

2. The creeper ratio is like 1 in 20. That's actually amazing. If you go to a club its like 20 out of 21. Sure some strange people end up at Korean pop events but they tend to keep to them self. No one is over aggressively trying to rape you while you dance.

3. If someone IS creeping on you, you can kpop dance your way out of it. My friend Chanel did the Super Junior Dance to get away from a guy. It was possibly the funniest thing I have EVER seen.

4. Everyone instantly becomes some weird international family. At the SM Town concert, they had this big KPOP BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER movie they played. We all thought it was terribly corny. Then the Big Bang song Fantastic Baby came on last Friday. About 400 people were shouting the words and doing the dance. It was like this for so every super known song.

5. Crazy awesome mix of people. I made friends from Japan, Korea and China!

Be warned though, IT WAS HOT. Like get ready to get disgusting once you start dancing. My hair didn't really turn into much of an afro, that made me happy. Bangs in curly hair is like the most high maintenance thing you can do to yourself. I think it might have been because it just didn't get a chance to dry at all.
On the bright side, I burned the amount of calories I usually burn in a month in one night!

Really I can't do this event justice. Just come if your not creepy and at all interested in awesome Asian pop music.

They have a great event page where everyone is constatly requesting songs. Make sure you get yours in!

Thank you to my amazing friends for such an amazing night. I want to see you guys more often! I love the crap out of you.

Here are my pics from last Friday.. Boo the photographer didn't get a single one of me and my friends and we were dancing like crazy all night!

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