Tuesday, July 3, 2012

D.I.A Photo Spam..Get some DIY Inspo!

If there's one brand I can think of that isn't afraid to take risks, it's d.i.a. This gyaru brand really has established its own style, yet it doesn't always stick to it. A ton of things are over the top and cheap looking but this isn't anything new to the gal world. The best thing about d.i.a is even if you hate the majority of things you see there something for everyone. Chances are, that one thing you do end up liking you will fall in LOVE with. No one should have to do one style.

Since d.i.a doesn't have a webstore it's hard to buy online or find pictures sometimes. I decided to post some photos of the actual clothing I've found. It's good for d.i.y inspiration!!

Is this for real?


まみ said...

*Q* mmmm d.i.a.

The Lovely Ify said...

I wish I could own the entire store...oh man I would be the happiest person in the world!

Hortaru said...

such amazing eye candy!

Keely Valentine said...

aha hotaru I'm so glad you liked looking at it. I was worried it would be way too much in terms of photos