Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On my way to chicago for acen!

I cant beleive this is happening. Im sitting on a bus for the next 14 hours on my way to chicago. For the first time in my life im actually adventuring. Im way too much of a good girl.

So heres the story. When i was 10 i met four amazing people online. They were sami,liz,amanda and eclipse. We all basically knew each other because we were all super young and into cosplay. It wasnt very common back then. We all lived in different places. After countless nights of amazing group msn chats, we couldnt wait to meet each other. We planned on living in a house together one day and going crazy. You get the idea.

Eventually liz started traveling and met sami and amanda. Then i met liz. Then amanda met sami. As we got older we grew apart. We had less time to be online and more real life problems. It was hard but i never stopped thinking or caring about them. Truth is they are still like a internet family to me. I think it was amazing to have had the connection we had. After a paticularlly bad month i decided the week before i would hop on a bus and go to acen the convention sami and amanda had been going to for years. I honestly dont think i thoght i would go but im typing this while on a bus! This is totally not what i had pictured but i had to make this happen. Lifes too short not to go on adventures. I cant wait to see what happens and make crazy memories! I just hope i get some fking sleep this week!

Fact. This blog started as a group effort between me and sami. She wasnt online much so i turned it into a way to bitch about my broken 14 year old heart. Hope you enjoyed your history lesson.


ナミ said...

omg! can't wait to see you there hopefully! ^0^ <3

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zhaff2004 said...

Omg you had such an interesting life, I would love to be able to meet you one day