Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why I Will Be Unable to Pay Rent This Month

Oh man, sometimes I think having so many awesome over priced Asian stores close to me is a bad thing.

Yesterday I went to J-town for the first time. It's a super small, oddly placed Japanese market. I was pretty disappointed with the size. The magazine store was cool though, it was awesome finding Kera. They had vivi, cancan, shoxx, seventeen, a bunch of shojo magazines and some idol mags.They didn't carry popteen which kind of surprised me as you can find it in other places. The cool thing is you can order in a magazine. I ordered Ageha but she said it would probably take over a month to get it in.

Richmond Hill is a city right outside of Toronto that is like it's own Asian country. It has a few huge Asian malls and markets. You won't see a totally English sign for blocks when your there. I'm going to do a post on Pacific Mall soon but for now here is what I've bought in the last week!

My J-town purchases! (Expect the my melody friend key chain). Keram yanyan and these super odd but awesome roll cakes. I think the roll cakes are going to be hard to find which sucks because they taste good!
I couldn't help but buy this crazy cute Liz Lisa Dress.
Or this Liz Lisa style skirt.

Or this WC style skirt.

And this Liz Lisa head bow from the super overpriced 109 brand carrying store Vivi. I can't even come to terms with how much I paid for it. It is

Well I'm going to have a super busy day listing the majority of my closet on ebay but thanks for looking!


Emika said...

Hello! I have this months issue of Kera too! >w< The models are so cute! I also live in Ontario, downtown Toronto to be exact! :'D

Keely Valentine said...

oh you do! wow were so close! do you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

How much was the kera??

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zhaff2004 said...

Did you manage to pay that month's rent??