Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Birthday at Pop Goes the World - Toronto Kpop/Jpop Dance Party

Friends have always been so, so important to me! They are everything!
I've just managed to have quite a number of really bad ones. I've met some amazing people this year and manage to have kept some of my old important friends. I'm really so glad to have you guys in my life!

I'm so excited to meet more people!

Anyways, my birthday this year was super last minuet as I was kinda thinking it would be pretty disappointing. There happened to be a kpop/jpop dance party planned on my birthday so that should have been a good sign! Also one of my best friends Marie was on reading week so she could come down. Long story short, I had a super random night that turned out AMAZING!

The event was called Pop Goes The World. Add them on facebook if your in or around Toronto ever as I'm pretty sure they plan on hosting more events! It was at Andy's Poolhall which I thought might be a odd venue but it was actually really great! I can't thank them enough for having this on my birthday. I also got myself and a friend in for free for answering a contest question they had on facebook. That was awesome. It was a gift from the Asian music gods!

I really had no time to get ready, everything got pretty chaotic before we were going to go out. It looks like I'm not even really wearing makeup aha. This is some of us right before heading out!

Here is a horrible photo of me with my friend's Amanda and Chanel

At some point I lost my eyelashes. I didn't realize until I got home. This is basically the definition of a good, crazy night for me aha.

I danced SOO intense and crazy that I'm almost glad I didn't spend that much time on my hair. Below is me going crazy with Nicky beside me <3
Some of us before going out <3

and doesn't my friend Jo look like an amazing super model here? This picture looks like the cover of Nuts or Jelly.



editsafemode said...

Lol you're too sweet, haha

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