Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Cheerleading Majors. Thoughs, Video and Results!

I was super excited when I found out about The Majors. It was a cheerleading competition held last weekend by Jamfest. They invited the top american teams to compete against each other in a hollywood production type environment. I thought it was pretty awesome. Cheerleading defiantly needs more events that celebrate the sport, coaches and its athletes.
The reactions have been pretty mixed. I'm not surprised as it is the first event of its kind really. Here are my thoughts on the event...

The Highlights:
- Cheer Athletics used The Boys by Girls Generation as the main song of their routine. So awesome.
- The videos shown before the performances. They really made the competition stand out as entertainment. It was a cool way to get to know the team better.
- They introduced every team member as they went on stage. Everyone works hard on a team and I think it was great they all got a special moment of recognition.
-It was broadcast live online

Worth Wondering..:
- Why did they choose to go with senior and not open all girl
- The team music seemed like it was made by the same person. Some of the teams had their own rap/song/cheer basically written for them in between clips of popular music. Super odd.
- The winning teams were being sent to Europe to "spread cheerleading awareness" or something. Seems a little odd.
- The fashion was kinda toned down and unexciting. Why didn't GK Elite sponsor all the teams? They've done so with Top Gun for a ton of competitions.

The Bad
- It cost $10.00 to watch it live online.
- The lack of teams really upset me. Only nine for both divisions! The event was still about two hours long but that was mostly delays. Although these are the staple All Star Us teams I think it would have been a lot more interesting to watch a few more up and comers.
- They kept referring to these teams as the best in the world. No other Country's were represented.
- Timing, what routines are polished or even near done this time of year?
- Why did they do level 5 teams instead of 6?
- Top Gun scored low because of an illegal stunt and assisted partner stunts? (I heard at least..) What the heck is the story behind this? There is no way they couldn't have known the rules?
- The scoring wasn't what most expected. I think the lack of teams doesn't help with the questionable scoring.

Overall, I think this was a step in the right direction for cheerleading. Yes, it had a lot of things wrong with it but I think a competition with this type of production is a step towards Cheerleading nights at your local bar. How awesome would that be? UFC needs to get out so the real action can take over.

Here is the whole competition on youtube!



1. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
2. Cheer Athletics
3. Top Gun
4. ACE

All Girl

1. Cheer Athletics
2. Maryland Twisters F5
3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
5. Maryland Marlins

What did you think of it?


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