Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gyaru Online Shop List and Store Reviews

I made this list for a current gal style shopping guide. I hateee trying to find some of these sites so I decided to make an easy access list! Please suggest any brand shops you go on or anything shopping related you would like to see on here!

Disclaimer: I haven't ordered off all of these websites. If you have reviews for stores or shopping services please post them in the comments so I can add the reviews in the post!

Popular Brand Websites


Stores for Overseas Buyers
Gyaru Community Sales (Community to buy and sell gal brands)
Kumimakiko (Not sure of the authenticity of the items)

Off Brand and Gyaru Online Malls
Curvy's (lots of accessories)
L S (Offbrand)



Shopping Services


Rakuten: Easy enough to order though the us site. I feel like it was hard to establish how much shipping was. I'm not sure if I got charged for shipping and customs when my order arrived but it was very expensive


Aya said...

Yeah it's really usefull ^^

You can add tenso at your list for shopping service.
In fact, you buy on website that doesn't send out Japan (Liz lisa, m*ars,etc,...) and when you register you, you put your tenso adress.

I ordered from them many times and always happy. If you have a problem with the shop, you can ask them to translate in Japanase.

MilkShake-Gal said...

In the popular brand website, you can not order from abroad ? For example: MA*RS,Cecil Mc Bee ... etc.

Sorry for my English

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