Saturday, August 20, 2011

apparently risking my life is not a big deal for a potentially cool photo

I finally got some photos with my pointe shoes on! I'm standing on top of a really high building here. As if being on a roof wasn't enough, I had to crawl up this 11 foot flimsy structure on it. I was terrified! Getting down was the worst though. Thankfully the photographer brought a very helpful assistant or I'm sure I would be dead! I took some after standing on what I can only describe as a 5 foot tin can. This was on top of the roof but in the middle so I felt a tad safer. Safer in the sense that if I fell I would only be falling about 7 feet. Sad! It was funny trying to go on pointe on it though. The metal was really light and caving in from my body weight. These shoes I also destroyed in the 10 day summer intensive I did. We did mostly beginner stuff. This was horrible for me because besides the fact the girls were taking my shoes and trying to break them in, every exercise we did was focusing basically on breaking the shoes down (warmups are not good in this case!)

My insanely high arched feet broke them down in about 7 hours with the added pressure. By the end of the week my shoes were so flat my bruised toenails finally fell off and I got a toe infection. Eww! I was wearning Bloch European Balance and loved them at first. I think they just stretched out and killed me though. My first pair, bloch axis just aren't right for my feet. I learned that plastic shoes with tmt or gaynor mindens are terrible for people with feet like mine. I would go so over on my axis, I couldn't balance at all. I went the whole 5 months I danced en pointe at my studio on the exact tip of my shoe and my teacher didn't notice until i asked her right before my last class. I then went to bruise them at the recital trying to teach myself to dance properly in horrible shoes!

I feel bad I didn't get to dance like I wanted to this summer. I started a bit of physical therapy for my insanely difficult body and I realize that before I get any technique in dance I'm going to have to get way more strength. I'm really hyper mobile and don't have any strength from everyday muscles. I'm hoping technique will come after I get more muscle. I'm extremely hyper mobile which means I'm overly flexible and thats part of the reason I'm so weak. I also realized I can't bend my ankles well at all meaning I can't jump or do turns well at all!

Has anyone had to put up with hyper mobility? How do you strengthen your body? Have you managed to overcome some serious body problems in stuff you love to the point where it wasn't an issue? I wanna know!

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