Friday, July 8, 2011

Spice Up Your Dance Wear With Some Sexy and Cute Everyday Friendly Pieces

Last summer something happened to me. I stopped caring about fashion as much as comfort. GASP. Seriously though, I'm still trying to get my head around this. With all the dance I'm attempting to do, I try my best to wear clothes that I can just get up and stretch in. Sadly, I just end up playing call of duty most of the time. Regardless, all I want in my closet now is comfy stuff I can use for both. Here are some of my top picks for cool and must have workout/dance wear. BE COMFY AND LOOK HOT!

I haven't decided if I want to try and make a pair or just buy them. Regardless, these fringed shorts have become a super must have for me! I honestly don't think I would really wear them to dance. This is like if I went clubbing I would throw this on wear aha.. I'm down for anything that is sexy and avoids panty shots.

Knit Ballet Shorts. These are seriously so cute. I'm down for anything that matches legwarmers.
I looked at these all season with longing at the dance store.

I hate how they don't have two layered legwarms as a thing. Clearly I am going to make some instead of putting two on at a time. That is just a pain, putting one on per leg is bad enough.

This long sleeve ballet top is not only super cute it has a stunning deep back. MUST HAVE!!

After seeing this photo I feel like a lavender body suit is completely necessary.

Over the past year I've developed a thing for like nude color tops. It's so bizzare. I tried one shirt on at a boutique my friend worked at because I was bored and it suddenly became a new thing for me! I love the light material and hood of this burnout dance shirt.

If a unitard is your thing, make sure to go for a romper like style. This striped corset unitard will totally make the american apparel bitches envious.

Pink Yoga Leggings. I took a hip hop class wearing flared pants like this, got my foot caught in the flare and fell. Hard. I didn't think it was a big deal but it must have hit a nerve or something because my vision started fading, then I started loosing my hearing and I thought I was going to puke and had to, blindly yell for someone to take me to the washroom after I had crawled to the side of the room. I ended up passing out on the way and woke up to a nurse screaming at me to breath in a washroom. Weirdest. Thing. EVER. This was all on bring a friend night for my friend. Needless to say I was way, way too embarrassed to join that studio. Moral of the story? Be cautious with flared stretch pants in dance. I want these, I don't think I would ever take them off.

Do you guys care about comfort? If not, are you not very active?


Anonymous said...

nigga WHAT? u want people to wear this?

Keely Valentine said...

excuseeee meee
how rudeee
i dont care if people wear it or not!
im just trying to give some options that are not leotards and black shorts WUTTT