Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first single is on itunes! Please check my video game party anthem out!!

Hey guys! My first single is on itunes! Please check it out! It's a nerdy video game party anthem. I mention gyaru style and kpop in it so maybe you'll like it aha

Please check it out and tell me what you think! And show all your friends if you can aha <3


katie said...

WOW your voice..... it's SO CUTE!! I only got to listen to the preview, but I love it! As soon as I have more money I'm definitely buying it!!

...That sounds SO bad, right? I had just a couple dollars more than my car payment this month, which I totally forgot about and it's due in 2 days LOL

I'll be back for it~~~~ good luck with your single, I hope you sell a lot!!! :DD

bouncybrown said...

It's a very cute song! I listened to it on MySpace music. I like your other songs, too! Keep making music! :)