Monday, July 4, 2011


Why on earth would anybody want to pretend they are me online?

Today someone messaged me about some chick named avril valentine on facebook who is pretending to be me. Kill me already. Loook at the profile they have omgg

My name is Avril, but my close friends call me Keely. I use smiley faces a LOT in my messages :] I have been singing and dancing since I was three years old. And a few years ago, I got into modeling. I'm not doing this just to make money. I'm doing this because its something I truly love doing. I love music and I live for night's out with friends. I know who I am and I would NEVER change a thing about me. I am ME, I am REAL, and I wont SUGARCOAT anything to make you feel better about yourself. If you don't want the truth, don't ask for my opinion. I tend to flirt a lot. That's just how I am. I call everyone "hun" and "babe". If I have a crush on you though, I'll call you "sweetie". And dating, of course, gives you "baby". I am a raver and I party a lot. I do drink. I do smoke hookah. Get over it. I don't want to give too much away, that way you will be dying to message me ;)

Note to anyone pretending to be me, PLEASE, PLEASE USE BETTER PHOTOS. I cringed at the photos she had uploaded. Oh 14 year old mistakes, why must you be floating around the internet forever?

On a side note though, I read on her myspace she has her license. Fake keely has totally one upped me there!


angeldenadie said...

yo know the same happende to me! and i was very annoyed at the beggining ( then a lot of my friends send her private messages to get rid of the little impostor , virtually off course) , now i just don´t care about her , if someone try to be like you , its because they desire your way of thinking or acting , so feel proud of your self and ignore her, have a nice day.

Ted said...

You are the one and only Keel