Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Deal with Your Bras and Bikinis in the Summer

So I've finally taken a break from call of duty to be semi productive with my life. Music has me going through a mini mental breakdown lately.

Thankfully, people occasionally send me awesome things! Joyce from sent me an awesome summer bra survival kit! It came with bling fashion straps, fashion tape, strap solutions, and enhancer and a bathing suit enhancer.

Could I have taken a worse photo? Seriously though, I'll get better ones.

The clear bra straps are adorable! These are totally going to come in handy. If only I had the double sided tape and straps before I went through so many wardrobe malfunctions in dance competitions this year!
It'll be interesting to try the swimsuit enhancers out. I find the majority of pushup swimsuits that look like bras are stupid.

My bras have been driving me crazy lately, it seems all of them are either broken, don't fit or have too much push up. When I was 14 there was this big competition between all my friends to see who could get the biggest push up bra. I don't know if push up bras have just gotten way too big or if I just realized I don't want to wear them. Either way, I'm sick of all my bras.

How to make your normal bra into a push up bra or just a little more awesome..
-Put in some enhancers! They provide better lift then a push up bra and won't flatten out in the wash. You can also adjust the lift to be comfortable and look more natural.
-Use strap solutions. It will hide your bra straps under a racer back tank and provide a better lift.
-Make sure your straps fit, seriously. This can make a huge difference.

My point is ladies. Your beautiful! You don't need to buy a million different bras to get the look your trying to achieve. With the right tools you can do anything yourself!

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