Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm AlL OvEr THe PlACe

I'm sorry i haven't had much time to blog! The last two weeks have been pretty crazy. I've been trying to sort out all this music stuff and I'm doing a 10 day pointe intensive. I've been running downtown and back for dance, my parents are trying to find a new house. I'm trying to make it to other dance classes that I apparently can't find time for! I've also been running to movies with my boyfriend as we have so many we want to see and are kind of behind on them. The Green Lantern was the biggest waste of time ever though. It was AGONY trying to sit through the movie. The first twenty minuets felt like two hours. I eventually walked out in the end, surprising as I usually don't mind sitting through crappy movies. My inner geek is raging. Speaking of my boyfriend, I'm obsessed with the pancakes he makes me. Its honestly the only thing I want to eat. I'm scared hes going to go crazy on me. Being a picky eater, I only eat like 4 different things. This probably being the healthiest of them. I'm pathetic and terrified of food for some reason!
I wish someone made me cute lunches growing up. I would probably have ate any food that was sailor moon themed.

I'm also still debating the whole pink haired thing. Wouldn't that make me look totally stupid in ballet though? I mean I'm already a 19 year old trying to do it so I stand out because of that. If I have pink hair I'm pretty sure a lot of classical dance places will tell me to GTFO.

I wish you could change your hair color like makeup. Wake up and throw some pink on. That would be amazing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Keely sweetheart! You're sooo adorable! Love the pancakes! And about the hair: you actually CAN paint your hair with make up! I did it!! Before I coloured my hair pink foreal, I tried to stuff pink eyedust in my hair, it really worked out! I just helled the eyedust and fluffed my hair and voilá it was pink!! AWSM! you should try it, you know those little eyeshadows in powderversion? try it!! :D :D LOTS OF LOVE!! xoxo

Hortaru said...

I think you only live once, so why not try alittle pink hair? You could always get something from like Hot Topic, that washes off after a few weeks, you'll get the satisfaction plus it's not like you're stuck with it for years. ;)