Friday, June 3, 2011

Dancing on a Stage SOO Makes Me A Real Ballerina!

This weekend was my dance recital. I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I joined dance in January but still, I'm shocked. My experience this year has been great. I found a home at Candance and met my friend Huma who, like me is going after her dreams at an older age. It's so nice having someone else with you when everyone else thinks were nuts.

I've also made some amazing friends in my classes. Lindsey is only two years younger and in jazz with me, she is such a sweet, amazing girl. She's convinced me and Huma are super old though. She explained that this is because her dad is dating a 23 year old and Huma being 21, could be her. When she said this I repiled back with " your dads issue not us being old!". It didn't even make sense but it was so funny. I love all my friends in class like Andrea and Natasha and just everyone! They've all made me feel so welcome!

Dance hasn't been what I expected at all. The people you do things with really impact your opinions of something. With cheerleading this year, I had thirteen year olds googling me and shit talking me constantly. The bitchy environment of practice made me want to shoot something. I thought the girls at dance would be a lot worse then cheer but maybe I just found the right studio! Who knows.

I'm a little mad that I haven't really been dancing on pointe right all year. Every mistake I've been making has been either something I realize myself or pointed out by Huma. I need some serious one on one lessons this summer. I'M READY TO TRAINN!! (Huma is taking me to this severly strict studio tonight and being that I don't know anything I'm beyond terrified)

I'll post some of my actual dance photos soon but for now, here is me and my friend Huma goofing off on a trampoline. Also, some dance inspo!

Starting ballet or dance at an older age can be a struggle. I called about 10 studios before I found one where the person on the phone would even talk to me. There is a way, it might not be easy but believe me! People will admire you after you start proving to them you want to work hard at it!

I'm so happy I get to be like YEAH BITCHES! I DID POINTE TOO, when I'm like 80. Seriously, I can't live with myself if I can't tell people I did everything I wanted too when I'm older. Not that I'm going to stop at any point..

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