Friday, April 8, 2011

The New Hot Workout, Jukari Fit to Fly now in Toronto!!

(Many of these positions look like some of the things we do in ballet technique class aha! This should be an awesome workout for dancers)

Fitness trends are honestly so much fun. I love when they pop up and everybody goes crazy over something.

Pole fitness is such an intense fun workout, I haven't tried Zumba but my friends are going crazy over it. Toronto seems to be super excited about the latest fittness trend, Jukari Fit to Fly by Reebok and Cirque de Soliel. The workout involves use of an adjustable trapeze like bar. You jump around and basically get a bit of a swinging feel as if you were on a trapeze. I love how they took the fear of heights and actually flying out aha! I'm dying to do actual trapeze lessons but finding somebody to do it with me has just been such a pain! Check out this video of the workout to get a better idea of the cool moves you do in class with the equipment!

This workout is my last hope to try and build some arm muscles. It would be SO nice to not worry about my elbows snapping off and gaining some strength to try tumbling again someday.

I'm hoping whoever I drag to these classes with me will want to eventually try the real thing too!
Let me know if you've tried it out in your city.

If your local you've probably seen on the news that Toronto is offering it at Kingwest Fitness. TeamBuy currently has a five class pass for $29.00. I bought one myself and if you want to try this out I'd totally recommend grabbing this deal while you can!

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