Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lenzr Photo Contests for April, Use Your Hipster Photography Skills For Some Prizes!

I'm here with another post that gives you a chance to win fabulous prizes! Lenzr, like always has some great photo contests for this month. Check out the winners for the March Lenzr photo contests I blogged about previously. I'm pretty upset I didn't get around to entering any for march, the prizes were so good!

Thankfully every month I have another chance to enter, check out the contests for April!

If your someone who enjoys the outdoors then Best Cottage Moments could be easy for you! Upload a photo of your family or friends enjoying their cottage for a chance to win a Sony DSC H70 Camera from the people at Muskokoa Cottage. (Their website is amazing, drooling over 5 million dollar cottages can however be quite torturous!)

Anyone who lives in a condo or spends time in a high rise building can totally use this advantage for the Weather the Storm contest. The goal is to take photos of extreme weather from somewhere in the sky. You can win a Sony DSC H70 Camera from the commercial roofing company Tough Roof.

The shiny metal surfaces contest is for someone who likes to experiment with lighting and angles. The metal panel experts from Kingspan insulation want to give you a Sony DSC H70 Camera for the best shot of a shiny metal surface.

This last contest is going to be quite popular for the prize alone. The what's in the fridge contest wants to see how beautiful you can make your frozen selection look. (Think arrangements and colors!) The awesome printable coupon site clickclipdeals is confident you'll come up with some sort of masterpiece as they are offering $500 in free groceries. Saving $500 on food is actually one of the coolest prizes I can think of. How much easier would this make life for us poor young people?
I hope you guys all enter and win some prizes! I'm going to be so mad at myself if I don't get around to it this month!

These contests are now open to enter and voting begins May 15, 2011 and ends May 25, 2011. Remember your friends can help you make it to the user ranked top ten to advance to the judges. The winners are announced June 1, 2011. Good luck guys! I want my readers to win!

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