Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Inspiration of the Day - Pastel Dye Ideas

I'm super into DIY right now. Besides the fact I've been working on stuff to try and sell on etsy, the whole DIY community online is crazy awesome. That and for the last few months every time I go into a store I feel like I could easily make half of everything in it. Lazy sewing is in with retail, I'm happy about this.

I've decided to start doing inspiration posts to hopefully help inspire you to get your craft on!

The best part about DIY is realizing how much you can do even if you have no crafting abilities. Get creative with pastel dyes or fabric paints and channel Tsumori Chisasto!

Tip: Look up different tye dye tips. Section off fabric with rubber bands, dip and let dry!
They retail for about $2-4.00 according to the website for 7-15. This is a super affordable way to get a lot of color options. Has anyone seen these in stores? I'm so going to get my hands on these!

How many of you attempt DIY stuff? If so what kind of things have you made? Show me pictures and tell me ab out the stuff you'd like to see!

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