Sunday, April 17, 2011

6% Doki Doki Now Available Internationally! Now You Can Be A Cute Decora 80's Lolita Unicorn Princess Too!

I'm super excited that another well known Japanese cult brand is finally avalible to overseas buyers online! 6% Doki Doki has been a staple in the closets of cute-loving, Harajuku girls since 1995.

The Japanese meaning for doki doki is a commonly used onomatopoeia for heart beat. Like the excited feeling you get from being in love, which I feel when browsing through their products.

You can now purchase 6% Doki Doki on Maurione, which is becoming quite the place for popular Japanese alternative brands. The selection on Maurione is a bit small for now but I'm still really excited for what they will have to offer.

One of the things that makes this brand stand out, is in its effort to communicate with overseas fans. They did a worldwide tour two years ago, visiting places like LA, Paris, San Fransisco and Vancouver. They are going on another tour this month with the brands participation in the Mighty Harajuku project, raising money for Japan's Tsunami Victims. Here are the remaining dates.

6%DOKIDOKI in Vancouver Facebook Event Page April 19th 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show @Caprice Night Club

6%DOKIDOKI in Seattle at Sakura-Con Facebook Event Page April 23-24

They make staying up to date easy as they spread world wide kawaii love through English facebook and myspace accounts.

I've been a longtime fan of this brand, known for their decora, spank, fairy-kei and lolita esq accessories. Here's my favorite picks from Maurione's current stock.

I love accessories that use actual Japanese on them. I wish more places used Kana in their designs!
These "arigatou" earrings are beyond awesome. I think I have to buy them as an excuse to study Japanese through my accessories... Seriously though, I need every constant reminder I can get. I'll never actually memorize all of hiragana let alone katakana.. I have the memory of a mouse.

I love this "doki doki" ring as well! It's so kickass, anime and cute! I feel like if I wore this I would partake in fist pumping. But it would be more of the anime character victory type of fist pumping.

Since Maurione's selection isn't that large I wanted to show off some of the other awesome accessories the brand offers. Check out some of these items from their japanese webshop. I hope they offer all of these on Maurione soon!

For the brand dropping, pimpest of Lolita's
Perfect for any Gyaru coco lulu co-ord. Because everyone should have days and appropriate outfits for where they want to feel like they are in an episode of Jem and the Holograms.

This unicorn earring has me lost for words. It is just SOO awesome.
Just so were cleary every girl into Japanese fashion needs a scrunchy with a bow. Sadly this is still on my to buy list.
Their shop also has to be mentioned here because it is so fantastic. I would gladly buy this place and live in it. They really should start an interior design service. Does a crazy interior design place exist in Japan? All these amazing Japanese stores have to be getting their stuff from somewhere right?!

I'm so filling my future pink mansion with Merry Go Round houses in the windows.

The shop staff also need to be mentioned here as they play a huge part of the brand. They have a super cute blog updated with their awesome personal styles. The girls are pretty iconic and recognized. There frequently on tv and in the news all around the world. Open a harajuku street style gallery and you'll probably find them.

Check out 6% Doki Doki's shop on Maurione. Also be sure to check out their Japanese website here! This brand actually has me falling more and more in love with it. It's so nice to see a Japanese brand reaching out to all of its fans while giving back to the community. It's also affordable which is pretty rare in Japanese fashion.

Are you super excited about being able to purchase from them without a shopping service too?

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