Monday, March 7, 2011

Norma Kamali - Multifunctional Amazing Swimwear Oh My!

In what may be the biggest where have I been moment in my life, I just discovered the greatness that is Norma Kamali. If you need a cute one piece or special bikini, look no further. Want to incorporate a whole outfit with or similar to your swim wear? You can get matching pieces. Everyone wears bodysuits now anyways, why can't swimwear; with its expensive price tag be more multi functional in our closets?
While most of the line is out of my price range, they seem to have a ton of sales and specials on the home page. $98.00 usd is a super awesome price for this cute investment one piece. You can wear a lot of this swimwear with clothing! I really want to try making some of this! Intentional gathering of fabric looks hard to me though aha.

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