Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day- Moulin Rouge The Ballet!

For Valentines Day I went to the ballet! I saw Moulin Rouge, performed by the Winnipeg ballet at the Living Arts Center. I had amazing seats! Second row, in the middle! It was really interesting to study how they performed from so close.

Honestly, I did expect a bit more from the show. The costumes were interesting, good at times but bad at others. It was nice to see all the colors on stage with the Cancan.

The story had some major issues, like the tameness of such a rowdy setting. This ballet really had a chance to break free of tradition and be extremely different. It decided to stay as traditional as possible however.

The technical skills were what shocked me the most I think. I'm no ballet expect but it felt like there just wasn't much dancing. There were many impressive cheerleader-Esq lifts but so many moments of miming. Only twice did the two leading ladies show off their skills of multiple pirouettes.

The male lead Gael Lambiotte, really stood out as an amazing performer. He was legit born to be a ballet star. Look him up and see him in a ballet, seriously.

It was still a great ballet! It was nice to see something so different and colorful. Especially with the seats we had! Oh how badly I want to perform!

The only picture I got of the night! I look odd but oh well. At least its something aha.

What did you do for Valentines Day?

I promise to have my giveaway really soon! For now enjoy these cute Vday Graphics that I totally don't understand.

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