Monday, February 7, 2011

New Phone, Need deco Ideas!

I finally got a picture from a photo shoot I did! I look kinda odd in it to be honest. This was a Halloween costume I got when I was working at a costume store. It reminded me of a Japanese idol group. I couldn't help it! I love costumes way too much. I wish I had more time to invest in actually cosplaying.

My life has been a tad chaotic since I dropped my blackberry in the toilet last week. I did however get a bb torch! Apperently if you work for bell they give you phones when you reach goals. So this means super employees get like, millions of free phones. They can then sell them to clients for cheaper! SCREW YOU BELL. I BEAT THE SYSTEM. Sorta....
Yeah, I just do not get along with bell.
The bb torch is pretty weird I must say. The internet browsing is a lot better though.

For some reason my mom went out and bought an iphone today. Looking at new phones made her snap from her ghetto twenty year old cell aha.

This is a pic she sent me with her phone (can't believe she got one). I'm so stealing it. I stole my bf's ipod touch. Apps are amazing! Thats the one thing I hate about blackberrys.

I need ideas however for decoing my phone. The torch is crazily large and heavy. I need to make it pretty! So if you have any ideas/pictures post them! I'm posting some I just have on my computer! Tell me what you guys like!

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