Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living in My Own Little Ballet World Is So Much Better With a Friend!

Saturday mornings have quickly become my favorite day of the week. I get up early and get to do whatever I want in a dance studio! Pretty much my favorite thing to do ever. I love coming up with dances, practicing and going over dances I've been trying to learn.

You know how I was worried I'd be the super old girl in class with no one to talk to? I've actually made so many friends that I legit like! I mean a lot of them are 4 years younger then me but honestly its refreshing. I think the older girls get, the more serious they take themselves. I'm not really someone who worries about looking stupid, so even though I'm pretty behind in everything technically it's not something I worry about. In whatever it is you do, remember you are there to get better.

Believing in yourself in whatever you do is super key. I still have no clue what I'm doing in ballet half the time but my hardwork has paid off and I literally bring my pointe shoes with me everywhere I go. I bring them to recording, school, friends. EVERYWHERE. They are my babies.

In pointe I meet Huma. Shes two years older then me, just started this summer and is as passionate as I am about dance! I never thought I'd meet someone else just starting with the same dreams of pointe. It's honestly so rare to meet someone who actually goes after their dreams, especially when faced with the whole age thing. Huma takes two technique classes at my studio and pointe and two more ballet classes at other studios. I love her to death and she fasinated me, I want to learn everything about her. Have you ever met somebody and just felt like they have a super interesting life your dying to hear about?

So on Saturday mornings me and Huma get to dance our little hearts out. Were working on a kpop en pointe adaption of a dance. I'm not going to spoil it by telling you which one but I'm defiantly going to post it when we have more of it worked out!
I need to find more places to dance at where I can do whatever I want. Its just soo amazing.

(How stunning is this picture? Growing up I had a book on the fire bird ballet. I had compeltly forgotten it until I saw this)

It sucks me and Huma will never get to perform as principal dancers for the National Ballet but hey, I'm all about unconventional ways to fill dreams. Maybe we can start a we love to dance so screw you were performing a whole ballet club. Or something. I don't know. I do wish however, that pointe was used more in other forms of dancing!

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