Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lenzr Contests For March!

I like getting creative and winning things. I imagine you do too!
Photography isn't just for professionals anymore. Between facebook profile pics and Tumblr, most people know how to take a good picture!

Local website Lenzr has some amazing contests this month for anyone who can get creative. Voting starts in march, so you have time to get your entries in and ready for voting. Take a look at this months nine contests. I bet you can guess which one I plan on entering aha!

The first contest is Reflections in Pools. This contest is a great way to get creative, you need to upload your photo of an interesting reflection in a small pool of water. I want to enter but with my history of dropping phones in toilets, a camera and I leaning over water sounds like a bad idea! The prize for this one is super awesome for people like me. You can win a STYLUS TOUCH-8800, underwater camera courtesy of a Toronto swimming pools custom design and installation firm . I want to take underwater dance photos of so very badly..

The next contest sounds like a great cure to a boring night with friends. For the contest Soapy Foam and Bubbles, your to capture an image incorporating them! You could do something simple like a picture of someone blowing bubbles. You could also try capturing the short lived beauty of them with a ton of detergent or bubble bath. I'm going to use this as an excuse to try making a very, very high bubble tower/fort in a bathtub. I love how these contests actually give me something to do! The prize is a great excuse for a disastrous mess. You can win a Sony Laptop courtesy of SilveRboard rigid foam instillation.

Up Against The Wall is yet another chance to win a Sony Laptop. This contest leaves you with tons of room for creativity. You just need to use a wall as a background in a photo! Simple enough right? Get creative with different wall textures and lighting. This contest is generously sponsored by wall systems instillation firm, Amvic.

The next contest is obviously one I have to enter! For the contest People Dancing, you need to take a picture of two people dancing, any type of dance and anywhere you want. The prize is something I would be thrilled to receive! Two pairs of professional dance shoes from Marla Silva and dance lessons in her Toronto Studio!

The contest On Stage at Home involves taking a photo of somebody performing indoors inside a home somewhere! So if you do youtube dance routines or magic shows. Whatever! Just take a picture for the chance to win an Animal Skin Rug. This contest is sponsored by home stager, Stirling Home Studio.

Unlikely Marriage is a contest that is going to have some super interesting entries. Take a picture of complete opposites. Dogs and cats, good vs evil. Whatever it is! Have fun with it! The prize is absolutely amazing. You can win an Apple Ipad courtesy of Toronto Marriage Counselor at The Next Program on Queen Street West.

If taking photos of buildings is more your thing, you can also win an Ipad from the contest Beautiful Factory. Seriously! So many ipad chances! It's amazing! It's pretty self explanatory, you need to take photos of a pretty factory. The prize is courtesy of manufacturing software firm, Solarsoft.

Making Green Power is for the green photographer. Take a photo of objects that make green, clean power. Windmills, solar panels. Whatever it is you can think of! You can win your own Portable Solar Kit courtesy of a supporter of the Ontario MicroFIT Company Solarline Power.

The Best Patio In Canada is great for anyone who goes out. Take a photo of your favorite locations patio in Canada. The prize will help you to have the best patio in your own home with 2 chairs and a table for your patio! The patio furniture is courtesy of Canadian company Velago Patio Furniture.

All nine contests opened for submissions on Febuary 1st with voting beginning on March 15th. The voting lasts for ten days, closeing on March 25th. The panel of judges determine the best pictures from the top ten in each category. The winners will be announced on April 1st 2011 and the contests are open to any Canadian 13 and older.

I can't wait to get creative! What contests are you planning on entering?

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