Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Importance of The Right Studio and Teachers to Anything...

I can be the best or worst girlfriend, depending on how versatile your interests are. I'm a nerd, I love playing video games and cosplaying. I'm down for wrestling like an idiot and I burp louder then anyone you'll probably ever meet. On the downside, I am somehow unbearably stereotypical in the girliest of ways. I dream of rhinestones on every surface, intensely watch wedding shows (while planning multiple weddings of my own) and often can be found crying in the toddler section of stores because I cannot fit in the girly, fluffy dresses. My boyfriend routinely has to drag me out of Toys R Us, throwing me over his shoulders while I'm kicking and screaming. This is after he has struggled for 10 minuets to help me out of whichever Disney princess costume I had decided was essential to try on. It is not plesent getting stuck with your arms in awkward positions while being unable to see. They need bigger sizes then for 4 year olds, clearly. Honestly, I am still identical to who I was when I was 4. I love the same things, have the same dreams and really have no concept of what is and what isn't possible to achieve.

I can be quite a handful! I also love dragging the people I care about into my crazy, latest obsession. As I'm so unbelievably in love with dance, I did what any sane 18 year old would not do. I dragged him to a partner dance lesson! (Also with my hopes of becoming a super awesome competitive dance couple... I can't help it!)

Ballroom dancing has been everywhere in the media for the last few years. From Dancing With the Stars to So You Think You Can Dance, the world has been exposed to its technicality and sexy appeal. After watching Moulin Rouge I knew doing a sexy tango was on my to do in life list. Being a huge Shakira fan, she confirmed a love of tango for me.
Look how hot she is in her Objection (tango) video.

Also, the movie Take the Lead was really good!

I remember the first time I actually saw someone ballroom dancing. I can't explain why but seeing partner dancing in person made it all seem so much more real. I was on the way back from a super important music business meeting. I was extremely upset about my parents not coming t0 my meeting, while being super excited about the future. Whole lotta mixed emotions going on! It was a gorgeous day, I was dressed crazy and I was walking down the street in an cute little area I didn't know. It felt like some weird dream.

Somehow this dance studio I was walking past, really stood out to me. It was beautiful. The windows were all open and the way the sun was shining through was amazing. The light alone drew me towards it. The studio had its doors open and it looked so inviting. I saw this couple dancing. They glided across the floor while looking so elegant and happy. I just stopped, sat down and watched them for a few minuets.

I knew someday I wanted to take dance classes in Toronto, at that particular studio. I would kill to be able to go there and just dance in that studio by myself! The world would just not exist.

Recently, after taking one less then thrilling and obviously more geared towards an older, lame clientele lesson in Oakville, I wanted to try this studio even more. The lesson my boyfriend and I took was with a large corperate chain studio. I recommend you avoid them like the plague unless your over fifty. Danceology just looks like a much better place to discover the actually art and beauty of ballroom dance. I think its important to find a studio where the instructors have a strong dance history. You can't learn from somebody who does it as a job, dance and teaching it needs to come from the heart! Danceology looks way more then qualified in that respect. Hopefully I haven't scared my boyfriend too much with my previous experience. I still have hopes of doing an extremely sexy tricked out tango one day! I feel like this studio is the place I'll find out if a sexy tango is right for me, aha.

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