Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Kawaii Room Ideas -- I Want a Kawaii Room!

So obviously some of the things I've posted in my I want a kawaii room! series are unaffordable for a lot of us. To get a cute room you don't have to go out and buy a million things. It can be a gradual fun process! This post is for some usable ideas that anyone could use to pimp up their room! Let me know if you find it helpful and if you have any ideas!

Idea #1 Cute Trim Mirror with Bow!
Polka dot Bow Mirror $12.50 CDN

How to make yourself?

Outline a mirror border with some sort of deco tape! Glue gun bow. This same idea could be used for a bulletin board or picture frame.

Handmade Fabric Deco Tape $5.00 CDN

Idea #2 Deco Magnets!
All you need to do is find some large rhinestones on etsy or at at a craftstore and add a magnet backing. This would also work for any plastic parts.

Deco Magnets $7.41 CDN

Idea #3 A Cute Lampshade!

Rose Lamp Shade $69.61 CDN

This one is super easy. All you need is a base and a glue gun and you can really do whatever with this! Have fun with rhinestones, pearls, satin trims, bows. Drape pearl chains or jewels from it. Anything can work for this!

Find a lampshade, check second hand shops and if not outlet malls for a good deal/base for your lampshade. Use synthetic flowers for the look in the picture or for something more feminine try a fabric rose trim or satin individual flowers.

Rose Trim $3.29 a meter

Idea #4 Fabric Chair Cover

Princess Chair Cover $31.25 CDN

This idea doesn't require sewing, hot glue can be used but sewing would look and last better! Note: If using glue, make sure to use a small amount or it will mess up the fabric. If using expensive fabric with roses like above, I would not use glue and just go without a trim.

The rose fabric used above is often easy to find in fabric shops, especially around prom season.
For the top piece, measure the top of your chair and then double the length. For the bottom just cut a square that is a bit bigger then the seat. Cut the fabric carefully and attach an optional trim. Sew the fabric and trim together. Hem the sides if your not using a trim. Do not use fabric that would fray for a trim! Your easiest trim option would be an actual premade trim. Personally, I think a print like the fabric below would be so cute for anyone into sweet lolita or cute styles.
Lastly, for the top part attach ribbons to the sides to tie the fabric together over the chair. If you make the cover wide enough, you could just sew the sides together and slip it over. This would make it stay on the chair easier. If you don't want it to be too loose you could add a zipper but this would require accurate measuring and sewing skills.

For the bottom, you can use ribbon as well. For a more secure stay, sew on a piece of elastic in the center and slip on.

Blue Rose Fabric $4.00 for 1/2 a yard

Project #5 Rose Mirror

Rose Mirror $18.00 CDN

Pretty self explanatory. Some flatback perls would look great with this!

Flatback Pearls $3.50

Project #6 A Kawaii Desk

So obviously we all want a cute desk from Japan. Sadly, shipping would hurt to even consider. The good news is though, getting some princess prints could actually be so easy! Find a white dressing table you like, either one you have or try ikea, toys r us or anywhere with furniture.

This desk from Ikea is super pretty and elegant but a bit pricey at $299

This boudior chair from Potiron is expensive as well at $225.00 CDN but still super chic!

Now all you need to do is buy some wall decals. You can place them wherever on your dresser/chair you think will look good. This same theory can be applied to anything else that has a hard surface. As long as your furniture looks stylistically right, these should add some major cute effects!

Super dorable and chic Paris decals $9.99

Links to more kawaii room decorating supplies

Felt hearts 15 for $3.50
Assorted bows 20 for $3.50

Lace Deco Tape (Would look good over anything black or pink) $5.oo

Bambie Deco Tape $2.75

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