Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazing Pixel Pearler Bead Art

How are some people so terribly talented?

Pixel art is awesome and its even cooler when people do it with beads.

Etsy seller KandyJill is amazing at what she does.

I flipped out over this set from Panty and Garterbelt (An anime on my to do list in terms of watching, has anyone seen it?)

It's so insanely detailed!$40.00 USD isn't bad considering the amount of work that probably went into this!

I love love love the chibi moon art for $5.00 USD. I want to get it and glue it on my dresser doors aha! <3

I totally want to get some of these for my bfs room. (I tried making his room a super mario theme for xmas aha)

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