Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Outfits. Summer Misses and idk.

I miss summer, I miss my crazy theme looks. I miss having the time to actually think about what I wear or how I do my hair. I do however, not miss my arm. It still is not working and I don't seem to have a doctor that can help me fix it. Its hard because I was so so so so close to a handspring. Oh and I hate how sick I always feel in the winter too. But seriously, this elbow thing is just not fair.

I miss throwing outfits like this on whenever I felt like. Because you can get away with anything in the summer. I also miss underage kpop clubbing. Yeah, I only went once but STILL aha. I'm honestly dreading turning 19. How boring would not sneaking into a club be? I've only used my fake id once though.

I love when neko stands on tables and eats my plushies. Moogle FTW.

Everyone loved this goofy bunny hat on me. Kinda wish I bought it tbh.

I LOVE faux fur with casual outfits. I love it. It makes me look just ridicules and glamorous enough for me to feel like myself.

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