Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheer and Dance Life!

With the two minuets I have before I'm due at a lunch date, here is an update on the cheer world of miss Keely.

Im on two cheer teams this year, open and senior. Open is aged 18+. Oddly enough the season for open is from September to the end of November. Superrr short. Part of the reason is because a lot of the better athletes get super busy training for worlds. Sadly not all of us are that good aha. Here's a picture of me with my best friends who came to support me through this dramatic competition. My mom came too for a bit and honestly she was SOO funny.
Highlights of my mom include feeling my chest up telling me it looked super stuffed. That and a million other things including boy dramazz.

Heres me and my friendzzz

and heres my momma and the back of the uniform for open. The wolfs cool.

I also went on a fun trip to Ohio. Highlights include girls on my team putting pickles on the window at burger king then getting chased to the mcdonalds my team was at and the manager yelling at the coaches aha.

10 hour bus rides. Ahhh.
And here is one of the cutest cheer photos ever! This is us visualizing doing a perfect routine before we compete.

So, with all this cheer I still felt pretty blah. Thankfully, I decided to join dance as its sooo much more rewarding. I love it. So much. Now that I'm back into dance, I can be a much better performer! I found the greatest studio to do it at too. I had to call about 20 dance studios before I found one that wasn't super frustrating though. I'm doing pretty well considering the last time I danced I was like 10. I do have alot to get caught up on though

I'm doing ballet technique classes, jazz and lyrical. I'm working hard so MAYBE they can let me do pointe. Probably not going to happen but I can still work hard and try!

Anddd thats about all I've been up to I think!
What has been keeping you guys busy?

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