Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

I've been BUSY. Super super busy!! I apologize my lovely blog readers. I should be able to update at work once and awhile now. Oh my god. Somebodyy blocked the internet. I'm raggingg. Netbook here I come? I can't handle working in a mall. I'm spending way more then I make.

This past weekend I competed at fall classic with my two cheer teams. I still feel like crap because I'm not doing anything on either teams really but I'm trying... For now I'm trying to focus what I really want in life. Music! REMEBER THAT KEELY? Cheerleading almost made me forget about that. I'm working on an album with these producers. I feel like I really might be able to get out what I want to write with them because I get to do mostly all of the melodies and lyrics. They really help when I need it though. Its weird I feel like I'm on my own but in a really good way. As for my job, I'm super bummed my Halloween job is over. I loved them like family. I can't get over the fun we had. I'm going to do a blog post with some of the best moments with pictures and videos soon. I'm working with some of the same people at a calendar and games store. The bad part is our shifts are pretty much alone. Yes, they trust me to be alone and do all the work. I'm like a manager. Me! Crazy. Wish I got paid like one though.

Enough about my stupid life stuff, I thought I'd quickly tell you about my new favourite beauty buys!

I'm super into hard candy makeup right now. The packaging and price are just so appealing. I'm in loveee with the plumping glosses. Girl next door is the perfect lipgloss in my opinion. Its a pretty sheer white tinted pink color that would look flattering on anybody. It comes off more as a clear gloss but without the like bad transparentness of one. It doesn't look cheep or frosty, hard candy perfected it! Another reason this gloss is perfect is the price. I feel like I can't pay $20 on lipgloss because I know its going to just fall out of my pockets at some point. Its a great moisturizing fairly long wearing gloss that looks cute and is fun to apply!

I'm also liking the hard candy lip tattoo in champagne. its a lip stain with a minty gloss on the other side. Champagne is a nude sparkly colour. I'm super surprised its a lipstain. This one manages to stain a long lasting nude glimmer. Your lips look nude but beautifully shiny. It looks a lot better on lips that have been moisturized first though. This stain is perfectttt for a dramatic smoky eye.

and becuase I've yet to make a super big ass out of myself in this post here is the most epic mustache trimming photo you will ever see.

I was a harry potter chick who faught voldemort for halloween. This was one of ten costumes I bought aha.
Again, me trying to work is pointless.

My grandpa came back from greece and his sister gave my grandma a cute purse and scarf which she hated. I scoredd! I also bought some sick bracelets and a Disney princess camera case. I wish I could make use of a purse that can't contain a weeks worth of crap in it.

Lastly, watch this video. It is brilliant.

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