Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Got 2B Smoother Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion Review

Having a blog can be a lot of work but most of the time it pays off! Besides things like the lovely comments, one of the biggest perks is getting free stuff! Usually I get an email or some notification about a product. However, a few days ago I was pleasantly surprised. I opened an unlabeled box that contained two Got 2 Be Luster Lotion bottles. I was quite happy as I've contemplated buying this more then a few times but god knows I have enough hair products and I haven't had the best experiences with drugstore brands. THE PACKAGING IS ENOUGH TO BUY THIS FOR. I searched the box for some sort of letter or sign of who sent me it. Oddly, it only included coupons. So whoever you are, wherever you are. Thank you for the hair products!

Now I'll be honest, I tried a few Got 2b products years ago and wasn't thrilled. I wasn't expecting much from this. I'm totally surprised though! This is like a drugstore dupe for the great leave in conditioner called ice cream by AG at half the price. A leave in like this is a must have for dry, damaged hair. The sent might not be as nice as Ice creams but I'm quite sure it is just as effective. Of course with leave in conditioner you have to be careful not to use to much. You can always add a bit more in after you finish styling. My hair is happy and bouncy right now without being overly huge like it can get so everything is good! This is a great affordable leave in for extension users as well. I'm totally over heavy hair serums. Give this stuff a try!

Now rant about how cute the packaging is in the comments. I could go on forever about how the charms on it make me feel like a kid again.

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