Saturday, July 17, 2010

Faze Magazine's ConGRADulations Event

Oh how I love getting dressed up!

I'm sorry about my lack of blogging. My life has been crazy lately and even when I am free my mind isn't. I'm typing this blog from my blackberry on the go train. I'm going to see the wonder girls tonight. The go train can be so peaceful. *note: I showed up so late for the concert I only got to see them do four songs. So pissed!*

One of the most interesting things I've done lately was host the faze magazine conGRADulations event. If you remember my other post, faze is a local teen girl magazine that also throws amazing events. Its not very often teenage girls get to dress up, get out and not worry about boys. If that wasn't enough of an excuse to go there is also the free manicures and makeovers, prizes like bottles of Vera Wang princess and Marc Jacobs daisy and of course performances by some awesome artists. (Marie, Angela and Moi)

Two days before the event me and Imke were asked to be the hosts of this exciting night. I was thrilled to say yes even though I don't think I've ever hosted anything. Does my sweet 16 count? We weren't exactly prepared but when am I not up for making myself look like an idiot in front of big groups? It was however, a little tragic when I was forced to try and come up with games that could be played without the audience members coming on stage. That didn't really happen.
(Imke and myself on stage hosting, my face was so epically stupid here I had to post it) (Interviewing Menew)

The guests who played were Menew ( a super awesome rock band I hadn't heard of but could be the next epic band that tours until their 80) and Danny Fernandas with a special performance by his cousin Tyler. One of the funniest moments of the night was when Imke and me were starting to host charades for prizes (as planned) and this security guard that everyone dubbed snoop dog thanks to his outfit and attitude came out of nowhere and closed the curtains on the people playing. It's so much more interesting when these things happen aha!

Interviewing the artists was great and so was seeing them live. The club was a cute intimate setting and its nice to see local talent. Hosting was a bizarre experience, I loved it and had so much fun with it though! AND OH MY GOD, I GOT THE MOST AMAZING THANK YOU GOODIE BAG! It's getting its own post it's so great.

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