Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheerleading Post

I'm completely set on at least getting a backhand spring. Regardless of what my cheer life leads to, I just want to know I could do it. I've really started working on building muscle this week. I am crazy weak! It's been a huge pain. I wish I could find some actual motivated cheer friends to come work out with me. Oh and I bought a trampoline! I'm actually terrified to practice my back handsprings alone but whatever. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

Anyways, I decided this blog needed to know whats going on in the cheer world

First we have a video making the rounds of the internet of a rather flamboyant cheerleader. He's freaking awesome. The reason hes gaining so much interest is that he reminds people of the gay guy from mean girls. This guy deserves credit, he's putting so much energy into the routine while some of the girls around him look like they hate life. The best part of the video however is totally the user comments like "you go glen coco".

In other cheer news, there is a lawsuit going on arguing if cheerleading is an actual sport.

and finally! My cheer tip of the post! If trying to get a back hand spring or walkover, seriously work on holding your back arches! I'm finding a huge difference.

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