Sunday, July 4, 2010

Calvin Klien Remaking White Dress from Clueless

Clueless is basically my life in a movie. Oh how i love the outfits, I've always dressed like Cher. I've been wearing thigh high socks with everything before I even saw the movie. I think I first saw it when I was 13.

If you've seen Clueless, I'm sure you remember the famous scene where Cher comes down the stairs to meet her date. When he father sees her, he asks ’Cher, what are you wearing?’ ‘A dress!’ she replies. ‘Says who?’ he yells ‘Calvin Klein!". When he tells her it "Looks like underwear to me. Go put one something over it!" she throws on a white see through shirt. Awesome. I've had this conversation with my Grandparents like, everyday of my life.

Well stylist turned co owner of L.A. boutique Confederacy, Ilaria Urbinati has convinced Calvin Klein to remake the famous dress! Sadly, it really does look like underwear. Underwear that costs $916.00. Also it's only available in sizes 2, 4 and 6. If your small enough and can afford a $916.00 tank top dress, good news! They also are selling it in red! Link.

I'm not gonna lie if I could get this I probably would. Just becuase of the Clueless factor. When are they going to remake Cher's red Alaia dress is the real question though! I love how Clueless keeps popping up lately with stuff like the video game that came out. This movie needs to live on forever!

If you could have an outfit from any movie what outfit would you pick? I don't think I could possibly choose!


Sophia said...

I absolutely love that movie too!! Too bad not everyone can look that good in a white dress. I just found out that White Blazers are really in style this summer. What do you think?

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