Friday, June 25, 2010

Party Timee!

Life is insane. I honestly don't even know what I have planned anymore. I just hope my plans remind me the day before or something! Mkay so what have I been doing..

I was partying with my awesome songwriter/singer friend Sarah at our producers house! The awesome guys from Down with Webster were there. When I was leaving these girls who looked like they were clubbing showed up. (This was a pool party). My friend then went up to one of them and asked her why she was dressed like a hooker. Crazy times. So much fun. I love spraying everybody with febreeze now.

This is kinda the most epic photo ever. I wish I wasn't in such an unflattering pose but whatever.

Me and Sarah are heading to their show tonight. I'm not looking forward to going downtown with this g20 crap. Urgh GO AWAY G20.

For all my international readers, you need to listen to their music. This is one of their songs that's pretty huge in Canada right now. You might remember I somehow ended up at their music video shoot for this. I've really been running into them a lot for some reason

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Jeaneth said...

awesome song!! <3