Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look Hot and Beat the Heat, Sexy Summer Outfits!

Summer is the season of SHOPPING! It can be hard to find stylish clothes that work with the heat. I haven't been shopping much lately but Sex and the City 2 has me dying to go to a mall. I don't know why the movie had such bad reviews. I thought it was a lot better then the first movie. There were sooo many outfits I was screaming I WANT at!

I spent a few hours online shopping, trying to find some great outfits for summer. Here are some of my favorites to look hot and beat the heat!

It's always hard to be comfy, casual and sexy. This top is the perfect mix for summer!

The Obey Eagle Limited Series Tank

This dress is talking to me... It's saying "Wear me to lunch in Yorkville Keely". SO HOT

The summer Picnic Dress by Free People
$118.00 USD

This top is such a great way to look hot, bad ass and stay cool in the hot weather!

The Trapeziod Halter Top in White by Hellz Bellz
$38.00 CND

My inner Blair Waldorf is screaming buy this and find a yacht to party on all summer please.
Pintuck Bow Chiffon Dress
$27.50 CND

Summer is when all the fun happens so make sure you have some party outfits in your closet! This hot metallic kimono dress is so very tempting. If someone wants to order off this site with me please do tell! I seriously think I need this..

Modern Kimono Dress
$23.50 USD

Summer is the perfect time to be as girly as you can! Make sure you have at least one pretty cotton dress.
Best of my Love Dress
$54.00 USD
For anyone looking to be chic and comfy, harem pants are totally the way to go!
Urban Harem Pant
$28.90 USD

This would look stunning on somebody with dark hair and tanned skin!

Breezy Flower Top
CAD $18.80

This is a great top to dress up or down.

The Race Top by LA Boutique
$46.00 USD

Which look was your favorite?
What have you bought recently for summer?

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Kamiko said...

WOW! they're all so pretty! I like the pink cotton dress, the dark blue ribbon dress and the breezy flower top the best! ^_^!