Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lenzr Photo Contests mmm PRIZES!

Its summer meaning you have free time! This month you can check out three fab photo contests on the photo contest website Lenzr. Who doesn't want to win prizes? Seriously, I want the blackberry. Don't enter that one because I plan on winning it. Go enter or at least check out and vote on the talented submissions. The winners are picked by the users so you can always get your friends to vote!

The first contest is called crowded places. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is take a great photo of crouded places and submit it for votes. With g20, pride and everything else going on how can you NOT do this? Seriously, this month is beyond perfect for this contest. A really awesome Toronto web developer has generously donated a Blackberry curve as a prize. I totally entered, vote for me here if you love me aha. (NEW PHONE = BETTER BLOGGING FROM MOI!)

The next one totally sucks for me. I don't even want to look at it because it makes me jealous. I'm "apparently sorta" allergic to chocolate. I haven't really ate it since I was 10. (My stomach hates everything though). Not a day goes by I don't crave a caramilk bar or smarties or ANYTHING to do with my love of choco. (It's hard for me to listen to the snsd song Chocolate Love for this reason. I finally gave in two months after it came out.)
Seriously, if you try to eat chocolate around me I will knife you.

(I would slap this chick)

For chocolate lovers that are lucky enough to eat it, you can win 50 lbs of dark chocolate through Lenzrs 50 going on 15 photo contest. The contest is sponsored by a baby boomer magazine for people over 50 in Toronto. If you win this, I would give it away as a gift. I can't imagine how terrible having 50 lbs of chocolate in your house could be for you scale! Seriously, my mom can't even handle me having Halloween candy in the house. She would never allow that much chocolate near her.

The last contest for this month is Portable Luxury. This ones a little odd but basically its just taking a cool picture of luxury items that can easily be moved. Whatever you would take with you if you had to leave the country. Basically you need some awesome story telling photo of what you would take with you if you had to leave home. As for me? I think my first priority is proper hair products and my straighter. It SUCKS having crazy, thick, frizzy afro hair.

The prize for this one is amazing, with a trip for two to Las Vegas. Sponsored generously by a portable toilet rentals company. The trip includes airfare and two nights stay. Seriously though, check that company's toilets. I would pee in them. I wish train washrooms would get pretty flowers.

GO ENTER AND BE PRODUCTIVIE! You know your inner photographer wants to!

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Robert Campbell said...

Wicked good job Keely! Thanks for telling your readers about the May June Lenzr photo contests. Please do it again in July 1st - that's when three new contests are starting, and of course you have a much better chance of winning something the earlier you get involved.... cause Lenzr is totally democratic - the membership picks the winners and so getting in early you always get more votes.