Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've Been Published!! In a German Cheer Magazine!

Oh I am so happy! My faithful and loved readers will remeber the article I did last month on cheerleading uniforms and the ever changing cheer fashion!

German cheer magazine Spirit decided to translate it and put it in their current issue. They also included a thing about me. Totally awesome! I really want to get a physical copy. I wish I could understand German. I guess I'll never know what it says about me!

P.S you can read the magazine online!


Kelsey said...

thats amazing :')

Keely Valentine said...


Shanna said...

thats cool for you. but i am from germany and i dont know this magazine XD

caro ♥ said...

congrats <3

too bad the pic is so small i really would like to read it XD

Emmie:.. said...

Congrats~ i can't seem to find the article on the website -_- i wanna read it~

Anonymous said...

I had read your article in the German Cheer Magazine.
I like your blog and your typ of writing. :D
Now, your blog is in my blogroll, when you find is it okay?!

Nice Greets from the other side of the atlantic.

P.S.: I hope my english is not sooo bad :)!