Sunday, June 27, 2010

Elizabeth Arden Gloss Set Review

So I've been trying not to buy random stuff I don't need lately which = less blogging. I have however caved recently! One of my favorite new purchases was just to damn cute to resist.

I was browsing through some accessory store owned by the people who own winners. (I can't remember for the life of me what its called). They've started to get a lot of random cosmetics. Most of it is gross and opened and if its not you'll probably be opening it to see what its like! If you rummage through it though you can find some awesome stuff.

I totally caved when I saw this cute little gloss set from Elizabeth Arden. I couldn't resist cute lip glosses in a metallic pink case! The three pink colors look quite similar in real life with one of them being noticeably lighter. They all seem to have a metallic frosty sheen to them. I'm not usually a fan of this but it's not too bad in these glosses. They defiantly don't look as matte as they do in the photos. The glosses are totally cute and they wear surprisingly long. This is awesome for summer. I'll defiantly be paying more attention to Elizabeth Arden from now on. The one thing I found kinda odd was the fact they have a pretty strong perfume scent to them. I'm also not thrilled by the small size of the glosses but I figure I might loose them before I use them up anyways.

I love how there's a small pouch and mirror with the set!
Totally not a bad purchase for $17.00. Try searching your local winners for it!

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