Sunday, June 27, 2010

Down With Webster at the Sound Academy

SOO!!! Friday was an adventure! I went to see Down With Webster at their sold out show in the sound academy. It's all been pretty crazy. I went with Sarah and her boyfriend Pat. Our friend and producer James was playing guitar.

So as we were going in the guy asked for our ID for the guestlist. I'm an idiot and told him I didn't have one because I'm 18 so me and Sarah were not allowed in the VIP area. This was displeasing to say the least. Especially after the show when all our friends were partying up there and we were stuck waiting for them.

Another interesting part of the night was how Sarah looked like she was dressed up to go out for a fancy dinner and had flip flops on. DWW concerts are crazyyy, you definably do not want to be moshing in high heeled flipflops. Regardless I dragged her into the crowd.

During our journey to the front of the stage, we had many memorable encounters. These included almost getting my hair lit on fire by a guy smoking a joint, being pushed into a group of girls so wasted they weren't speaking English and almost turning around and punching a Latina chick who was beyond viciously pushing people. I honestly don't know how but somehow we actually managed to make it right to the front. On the way I also ran into random people I knew! Once we were at the front though we couldn't take it any longer and got pulled out by the security dudes. The guy literally picked me up by my shorts. Worst wedgie ever. It was crazy but so, so much fun!

Me and Sarah being feirce.

Just chilling
How terrible I looked after the evil crowd.


Clairey said...

Loving the outfit! Poor you! :)

Anonymous said...

keely you look like you had so much fun!! I WISH I WAS THERE!

Robert Campbell said...

Great post Keely. Write more stuff like this and you'll grow a huge readership. I like following your adventures in dance clubs and music halls - and i think its cute that you arent old enough to get served yet and so ya lament about being left outside to wait for older friends... thats special. said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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