Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Show Ever. Make it or Break It is Love

Okay so Make It or Break It is seriously the best show ever. I LOVE IT. Remeber that awesome gymnastics movie stick it? Its just as great as that but better because its a tv show! I just finished watching all of season one and the premier of season 2 is apparently Monday, June 28th in America. Much music better be playing it that day or someone better upload it RIGHT AWAY online. Btw much music, please actually decently promote this in Canada. Thank you.

I AM DYING TO SEE THIS. I've started tumbling at least twice a week for the summer and watching this show is totally motivating. Honestly things have been a huge mess over the last two years and I'm trying to use tumbling and cheer to help me get motivated at things again. I have to stick to it this time. I'm slowly trying to figure out what my plan will be with music as well. I want to accomplish things. I will accomplish things.

I can't even imagine how they managed to write in gymnasts looking like popstars BUT ITS HOT. I am SOO excited. Seriously though, get me on this show. PLEASE PUT ME ON.

Here is some more hotness.

Lauren on the show always has the cutest french braids. Seriously, I want someone to do this to my hair very badly.

I really wish there was a place someone my age could get into gymnastics. Being 18 sucks.

Anyways, when I get a back handspring I will take pictures of video or something. WISH ME LUCK! I have been so out of shape that two hours of tumbling and two long days of concerts led me to sleeping until 7 PM tonight. I went to bed at 1 last night.
SO PATHETIC. I am so sore.

and heres a random picture of me looking like a red eye monster. Pretty epic cheer pic. Just saying.

BTW, if your in need of another gymnastics drama try the Japanese show Tumbling. Its about male tumblers and is really popular right now in Japan! I'm just starting to watch it subbed right now online here!


Anonymous said...

aw <3 baha ~ btw love the song!

PetSugar said...

oh my gosh, you know the little bukowski... my guest blogger? and you know the song hipster girl by LMFAO? they wrote it ABOUT HER! she even toured with them!!!!!! honest to god!!!!!!!!!!!

drewblood said...

hey keely. I came across this blog, and I thought you'd like to know that my sister has a gymnastics poster in the coach's office on this show. (she's a tumbler)

It's the black and white poster that says "making the impossible the easy" and then Gymnastics along the side.

Anyway... byyyee

Anonymous said...

Hey! i just happened to come across your blog because I was looking at the make it or break it hairstyles online! Her braided bun isn't as hard as it looks to do, and I figured it out :) It took a bunch of tries though :/
I love your blog and I'm so glad I came across it!!