Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Soooo Bamboozle was fun. I looked like crap though and wasn't really in the mood to party. We got there pretty late, I picked up my paycheck from work and my friends decided they needed a photo with all time low before we went. Ironically we happened to walk behind much music right as they were leaving.

LMFAO were awesome live, I wish they played later on though. They are totally a night time band. Third eye blind was also really sick! All Time Low was great, there really weren't that many people there (bad promotion much?). No one even heard of it except for the people who got free tickets. The band told everyone to go on the floor and we all ran like crazy to the floor which was fun. Then security tried to kick us back out when Boys Like Girls played last. We totally stayed.

Look how epic this picture is.


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