Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cosplay and Anime Conventions

I know I've been wayyy to MIA lately! Everything has kinda hit me at once. I have to do a bunch of school work, find a job to get to Japan this summer, make a costume for anime north, write music. Crazy!

I'm excited to go to anime north this year. I haven't been to an anime convention in about two years. I grew up at them, going to every one starting at age 11. I loved being able to just be whoever I wanted to be and let loose. Cosplaying is dorky but fun. I love playing dress up and getting to pick and make a beautiful costume is an amazing experience. The details and effort that goes into a cosplay is amazing. Cosplayers almost always take costumes very seriously.

I can't wait to go and just have fun. HOWEVER. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M COSPLAYING YET! I've got under two weeks now. FYI, most people start MONTHS ahead. Sadly, I usually always panic like this. I want to do sailor moon but I don't think I could get it looking good in time. Plus it could get very pricey fast. Not so good for my Japan fund. The other costume I have in mind and bought some fabric for I'm going to look like a fat cow in. I guess I'd rather look like a fat cow then not cosplay though.. I think. Also, I want to enter the masquerade! That used to be the fun of it for me! Without competing for costume prizes I'm not sure it will be as much fun for me.

Have you ever cosplayed? Have you ever been to an anime convention? What are your experiences?

Here's some pics of amazing costumes!


Kikiyaku said...

Aw, I love Cosplay! (*-*)
Will you show pictures of the cosplays you've done so far too? :)
My first Cosplay was Sailor Moon. I already had a costume made by my aunt when I was ten years old and seven years later I made one by myself. (^-^) But ya, it can get pretty expensive.. ><

Anonymous said...

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I love it :*
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dblchin said...

these cosplay pics are totally awesome!!! I wish I have friends to do it with!

Keely Valentine said...

thanks guys!
dblchin I totally know what you mean! Its why I kinda fell out of it for awhile because my friends did

editsafemode said...

:3 cosplay!! ♥

LCDD said...

I stumbled upon your profile a bit ago from my friend Alex's facebook (Lexxie Walker) and i looked at your pictures (just random lurking around LOL) and saw lyrics from kpop songs I loveeee~ so i was surprised to see someone she knew with similar intrests as me haha. Also I too am going to Anime North!
Cosplaying as Lucy from Fairy Tale and also Yamada from B gata H kei!~

Neko_chik said...

I'm a gyaru and cosplayer too D:
i think you should cosplay SHERYL NOME her hair is like yours xD

Keely Valentine said...

LCDD I hope to see you there! Come say hi!! And neko, OMG I KNOW I WANT TOO! I can't find the perfect outfit from her though!

Sami said...

OMG SORA!!!!!!!! <3 LOVE.

Waisetsu said...

Wow! Actually i'm the one cosplaying Cinderella here!

I'm glad you like my costume! <3

Keely Valentine said...

oh my god actually? your costume and photos were stunning!