Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Benefit Realness of Concealness Kit Review

I love great concealer (who doesn't?) and I thought Benefit was among the best brands for it. The thought of the lines correcting power in a cute little kit was to hard to resist! Sadly, I was not impressed. Not only was I unimpressed by the kit, I'm now reconsidering what I think of the brand. The packaging is adorable and comes with some basic concealer instructions. The kit itself is smaller then I expected in person. I was a little disappointed by that but it is cute! The erase paste is a mini size but still has a lot of product in it, so its not a bad. Its nice to have a concealer that can be taken out of the kit and used anywhere. The brushes were pretty decent and can be very useful to someone without many. The two circle pots are of boi-ing in different shades. The dark one is way to dark for me though, so for myself it was a waste. The shade selection for me, was a huge reason this kit pissed me off so much. The erase paste was useless to me as it was quite dark (in shade 2). I also can't use one of the boi-ings. As for the products, I'm really not impressed. Although I don't hate the erase paste (I own it in the full size) I can't say its the best concealer. It's quite cake-y if your not super careful and creases badly. I also found boi-ing to cake easy and look very un-natural. The That Gal Primer failed to both brighten my face or provide a good foundation base. Pretty disappointing. I also found eye bright to do nothing at all. I honestly saw no difference with it! The only good thing from this kit was the lemon-aid which does a good job of concealing redness and veins on the eye.

For about $45.00 Canadian I'm SUPER unimpressed. My recommendation is to get lemon aid and skip the rest of this lines gimmicky concealors


Kyo said...

Lemon-aid *is* pretty awesome. A cosmetician friend recommended it to me once and I *LOVE* it. It works alright as an eyeshadow primer too if you're in a pinch, otherwise totally go for Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Almost identical to Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but in a container you can actually get all the product out of without cutting it apart and scooping it out.

The Makeup said...

There are quite a few things I absolutely love from this brand. But there are a couple misses for me as well! Dont give up hope.

Miruku said...

Hello, I started following your blog recently, it's so cute! I think the problem with Benefit is that the packaging is SO amazing that sometimes we overlook the faults in the product. It's good that you pointed out the negatives with this concealer. I live in Japan and everything is cute so I'm learning to resist tempting packaging, haha!

Keely Valentine said...

Yeah kyo I totally agree! And I need to try out too faceds potion still!

Makeupsno I wont give up hope!

Miruku I will die from japanese cosmetics cuteness when i make it to japan!

Anette said...

i like your site/blog