Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great for Acne/Sensitive Skin Grapefruit Bamboo Facial Scrub from Green Beaver All Natural/Vegan/Gluten Free

I'm a fan of all things cute. Cute packaging can really draw attention to a product in the beauty world. When searching for the best products, you can often find them in plain packaging by smaller companies. The Green Beaver company seems to be one of thse hidden gems. It offers a whole bunch of great things for your skin that are all organic, paraben and gluten free. On top of that they are vegan products and they do not test on animals. The products seem to only be sold in Canada but I'm surprised at how many health stores carry them! They have a ton of retailers listed on their website.

I was sent the Grapefruit Bamboo Facial Scrub to review a while ago. I have been avoiding scrubs since I heard they irritate acne and make it worse. (St. Ives Apricot scrub anyone? That stuff rips apart peoples faces and yes, I was once a believer it was helping my acne.) I gave in and tried it, hoping there was a gentle scrub out there somewhere.

Beaver's scrub was surprisingly nice and a great option for anyone who feels they need an exploiter for their sensitive or acne prone skin. There are no large beads to irritate you or leave your skin feeling dry. The bamboo micro-fibers are very tiny and light. The grapefruit adds a nice scent and leaves skin feeling clean. The scrub is also made of an aloe vera base that soothes the skin and leaves it feeling soft. Aloe has been known as a great product for acne. Just a word of caution, the product can come out very fast! The biggest downside perhaps is the price which can be a little steep for some at $13.99 for 60mls. I'm totally now rooting for beaver to get into every major drugstore in Canada and the US now though! Btw, I tested out their grapefruit cleanser from a friend and the scent was AMAZING. I'm hooked on grapefruit products now.

Just incase you wanted to see, I stole the ingredients from their website.
Purified water, vegetable emulsifying wax and glycerin, bamboo powder, beeswax, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, lemon peel oil, aloe vera extract, grapefruit peel oil, sodium borate (natural borax)

Is vegan/organic/whatever skincare important to you?

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Nameless said...

I personally do! People really need to start paying a bit more attention to what they use on their face.

Some products just as you said about St. Ives actually makes things worse.

* Just discovered your blog and my lady you are quite lovely. ^_^ I especially love the fact that you admit that you are a nerd/geek. That makes 2 of us. XD *