Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Way The Internet Is Making Us Feel Like Crap About Ourselves

As if the pressure of myspace, facebook and formspring wasn't enough, we now have the added pressure of robots judging our looks as well!, is the newest way to feel crappy about yourself. The website "analyzes facial beauty and attractiveness by performing complex calculations on the lips, nose, and face." I decided to try it out and here are my results.
It's great being told some of your features are too wide or small, no? I don't believe a machine can calculate if someone is attractive or not. Attraction isn't just based on facial widths. Not everyone will be affected by a computer telling them ways they can look better. The same goes for people getting anonymously bashed on formspring. For some people though, we have seen major impacts with the harsh vanity of the internet.

Heidi Montage is one good example. While some may argue she brought her downward spiral of plastic surgery on herself through her fame whoring ways, you can't help but wonder what effects the internet had on her. It doesn't take being a real life celebrity either to have tons of backlash. Their are numerous pages devoted to posting pictures of normal people one person might consider ugly. Formspring is a breeding ground for jealous girls to make each other feel terrible about their looks. I myself have avoided this website altogether as I had enough torture from my honest box comments. The internet has had some pretty negative effects on me. I experienced a ton of bullying in grade nine and it truly has affected my confidence. I admit that I have put myself out there though. With the photo shoots and singing, I did expect some of this. Just not at such a hateful level. At first I didn't think it had any effect on me but I began to notice it did after a few months. My confidence now is different, maybe from growing up. I'm just glad I never took the comments to seriously as I would be a wreck.

What do you think about websites like this? Do you think the internet had any affect on your confidence?


editsafemode said...

formspring is website I refuse to take part in. I don't have an account because I do believe in direct contact instead of hiding behind a monitor. Granted, I do jokingly post on my friends' formspring, however they do know that it's me. You're totally correct in suggesting that it's a way for people to be demeaning jerks online.

Frankly, I'm thinking I'll stay out of the internet scene except by association and go about success the old fashioned way.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree, sites like anaface and formspring are completely designed to hurt self esteem. I felt sad for days after I got a measly 7.9 on anaface, until I realized how ridiculous I was being. Like you said, websites can't determine attractiveness. And besides, it's not someone's facial symmetry and proportions that makes them a beautiful person :)

Melina Castro said...

Oh my goodness I haate formspring so much, this is my first time hearing of "anaface" but it is pretty shallow. Face symmetry? Wth? Even though I got a 9.34 I took a hideous picture of myself. What kinda jank is that? You looked way cuter than i did in the analyzing picture. I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was a hot curly frizzy mess. Anyway, you're so right. All there ever really is on the internet is judging because people are behind their monitors.

Keely Valentine said...

editsafemode I'm totally the same. I wont even go on the site.

Carrie, your beautiful! Don't let anything tell you your not. You also have a higher score then a lot of celebs so you have no need to be sad!

Melina you have like, the highest score ever! Your so pretty! I also have INSANE frizz hell hair. I can't be seen until four hours after a shower.

Lizz said...

I hate formspring like alot of people, the internet is a breeding ground for hate half the time. I watch my friends formspring blow up with crazy comments anytime some drama with her in it arises. If someone cant say it to your face,its likely they will say it through the internet, and if its said through the internet anonymously its probably not so sweet.
On anaface I think its called, I tried it out and though I got a pretty nice score it didn’t do anything for me :P I didnt suddenly feel prettier than half the world, or uglier. Its just another way to me, to compare everyone, since half the time thats all there seems to be in the world is ridiculous comparisons between people.

Nameless said...

Any woman who can stand on her own two feet and can call shots is beautiful in my book. F*** what people with keyboards say. Keely just keep being you and stick to your guns ^_^

Tiwaking said...

You need to take the photo of your face from Straight Ahead, no head tilting at all. You've put point 1 too far at the top of your head.
p.s you're gorgeous