Saturday, April 3, 2010

Princess and Gyaru themed room decoration and party supplies!

Party's with people you love are just to much fun. Planning and throwing one is just so fun! Planning the decorations is more then half of the fun for me. Any excuse to dress up fabulously with friends is a great excuse to me. These ideas are perfect for anything from a sweet 16 to a gal circle meeting. I've also included some party decorations perfect for pimping up your room!

These amazing cake candles are perfect for a party or even your room. I totally want to buy them and put them all over my desks! SOO cute.

Buttercream Dreams Cake Candle on Porcelain Pedestal Cake Plate(Set of 4)

$16.00. WANT!!

For a Hime Gyaru or Lolita themed tea set, this is a MUST have! I'm going to start drinking tea just to get this for my room.

Pink Princess Polka Dot Tea Set


How cute are these Cinderella carriage goodie boxes?

Enchanted Carriage Princess Favor Boxes (Set of 24)


Show some Ageha love with butterfly cupcake holders

White Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers (1 dz)


I totally have an urge to deco these and add icecream and stuff to the top of the candles.

Sweet Treats Glass Sundae Candle in Ice Cream Parlor Gift Box (Set of Four)


If you fell in love with the western cowgirl theme this summer then these candles are totally perfect for a cake or cup cake!

12 Cowgirl Cake Topper Candles


Lace umbrellas are perfect for Lolita's and Hime's in the hot sun of a picnic.

Lace Tea Party Umbrellas


I read that feather fans used to be really popular and are still seen in some Japanese clubs. I've always loved them!

Pink Feather Tea Party Fan


And finally, any TRUE deco queen has to drink in style. How can you not have a heart top bottle stopper? You can even swavorski it out!

Sweetheart Translucent Pink Heart Bottle Stopper


So there are some great party and room ideas! If your throwing a little hime or lolita party be sure to tell me about it in the comments!


Maria said...

omg this is sooo cuuuttee!! i love the candle ideas! :3

Ulricke Alette said...

I love the cupcake holders!

Ligaya said...

Wow, your suggestions are gorgeous! ♥ I sure wish I had had this idea when I tried to plan my himegyaru-themed 25th birthday party. X3 Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

wow! I love them you have a great taste