Monday, April 26, 2010

Most amazing natural self tanner - Vichy Bronzing Milk

I love being pale for about 3/4 of the year. Then around the end of winter I usually decide I need to be a super fit tanned cheerleader chick. Or something. I don't know. Anyways, I've had some pretty bad experiences with self tanners. Some over the counter ones can be disastrous. There have been a few times where I've convinced myself the only way I can get a hot tanned look is by actually tanning. Alot. I'm too lazy and don't want cancer though so that idea is out. Spray tans also look hideous on just about everyone. I used to get them for cheer competitions and I have some pretty brutal photos from them! Not to mention its way to expensive to get them on a regular basis.

Last month I was looking in shoppers for some sort of promising self tanner. I didn't want to spent a lot of money but I shelled out around $25.00 ish dollars on Vichy's Bronzing Milk. It is amazing! You start noticing color within an hour which is great. The best part though, is how amazing the color is. It really looks like a natural tan! It's very buildable so you can control the color. I loaded up on the stuff and I looked like I had been living on some sunny island for a month. It's also amazingly moisturizing. It makes my skin softer then anything I've ever tried. My face can't deal with any moisturizer without breaking out so I was terrified to use this on my face. It didn't break me out at all though! My face feels so soft too! I can't explain how much I love it! If your looking to get bronzed up for the summer you HAVE to try this stuff! The only bad thing about it is I find I use a lot of it and its a fairly small bottle. I think maybe this is because I don't usually use any type of moisturizer so my skin just eats it up too fast. I think I'm going to try and mix it with the dove self tanner or a regular moisturizer to get more use out of the product.

- AMAZING natural color
- Self tanner smell isn't overbearing
- Very moisturizing
- Great for sensitive and acne prone skin
- Great for Face use

Not So Great
-Not too much product for the price


Have you tried any self tanners? What have your experiences been with them?

Disclaimer: This product was bought by me!

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